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  • Find out Facts About Corporal Punishment And Discipline In American Schools

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    Corporal punishment is a necessary evil in disciplining students. If left to do what they feel right, students can be notorious and eventually be a security risk in the United States of America. Consequently, the use of corporal punishment is necessary.

    What is corporal punishment?

    This refers to allowing intentional pain and discomfort in response to ill behaviours among students.It mostly involves;

    -Stroking the buttocks or the hands with a stick ,slippers or any other wooden material to inflict pain.

    -spanking or smacking the students with an open hand.This is especially common at the elementary level

    History of corporal punishment in American schools

    The United States Supreme Court has allowed corporal punishment in 19 States of America. This form of punishment has been popular among teachers.

    Legislations are being put in place to give the teachers the authority to apply it. A good example is the Alabama Act of 1995 that provides immunity to teachers and other authorised staff in school who use corporal punishment.

    Other States of America that has made legislation to allow the punishment including Arizona, Florida, Colorado among others.

    Impact of the Legislation

    -Educationists in America have argued that corporal punishment gives quick results to in discipline cases when compared to suspension

    -Discipline is inculcated in students at an early age.This positively reflects in the country’s security and economic sectors.


    Corporal punishment is legal in some states of America. Children are stubborn, and if measures are not put in place, the levels of indiscipline may reach unacceptable levels. Application of corporal punishment, within set guidelines, is, therefore, necessary.